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For over twenty-five years, Wat-R-Boy has provided the piedmont triad and surrounding communities with the very best in pure bottled water, and friendly, reliable service

Founded in 1983, Wat-R-Boy is a locally owned and operated company based in Winston Salem, NC. We began as a water purification equipment company, producing customized water treatment equipment for residential and commercial use. In 1989, we began selling purified reverse osmosis bottled water in both five and three gallon bottles to the piedmont triad and surrounding communities.

We do all of our purification and bottling in house in order to ensure quality from start to finish. We are proud to offer our customers the best water and the best service at the best prices!

We believe this patented process is the best water treatment process available.  Developed through the US department of the interior, reverse osmosis is highly effective at removing contaminants from water.  For this reason reverse osmosis is our primary process

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